Site Assessment

Detailed Strategy

Detailed Strategy

In addition to the tools provided in a simple assessment, a thorough detailed strategy includes a pre application meeting with council and our private town planner. Consultation with our building designer or architect on various site configurations will then provide a detailed presentation of project options...

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Simple Assessment

Simple Assessment

We provide development site assessment in Melbourne to ensure the site adheres to council planning requirements. Relevant town planning controls will be researched, and a development sketch provided. A basic Financial Feasibility study will also be conducted with build recommendations.

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Site Assessment Services in Melbourne

For our clients who wish to gain a basic understanding of the development possibilities of an existing property, we offer a simple assessment service to determine subdivision feasibility. This assessment is carried out by our town planner and building designer. Following the assessment, we will present you with associated documentation so that an informed decision can be made.

We offer two site assessment services as detailed below. The Simple Assessment is used to give a good understanding of planning constraints and development possibility. The Detailed Assessment will give a full breakdown of all development options for your site, risks and profit margins.

Simple Assessment

  • Town planning controls and Title Search
  • Basic build recommendation based on planning controls (i.e. how many dwellings can be built)
  • Basic financial feasibility (process costings and expected margins)

Detailed Assessment

  • All items in the Simple Assessment, plus:
  • Report from Building Designer / Architect on Optimal Site Yield
  • Private Town Planner engagement with council. (Pre-Application Meeting).
  • Optimal Risk Strategy (Financial Options, Profits and Estimated Costs – Design and Develop).
  • Detailed Financials presented to client either in-office or via video call.
  • Portfolio of all assessment items presented to client.

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