Site Acquisition

Site Search and Acquisition

Site Search and Acquisition

Our site search and acquisition services include finding and securing the exact type of property to meet your particular goals. In consultation with various property professionals, options that meet your specific needs and budgetary requirements are then shortlisted and fully evaluated. Our assessments provide information based on end yields, taking guess work out of development.

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Site Acquisition Services

Concept Design Develop offers a unique services for both first time or experienced developers and investors. We are able to find properties to suit your budget and goals, giving a full list of costings as well as realistic profits for various development options. We will consult with our team of designers and town planners to discover the optimum yield for your development site.

What our team will do:

  • Find, evaluate and shortlist properties that meet your specific needs, goals and budgetary requirements.
  • Consult with various property agents to discover suitable sites, both on and off-market.
  • Consult with council and relevant professionals to discover the optimum yield for the site, and hence the expected profit margin.
  • Present all viable options to you with associated assessments.

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